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Marin Rapid Response Network

Mobilizing community support for immigrants.

 marinrrn fundraiser 610x485Under the federal government’s new deportation guidelines, virtually all undocumented people can be deported, no matter how long they have lived here or whether they have children or family members who are U.S. citizens. Across California, many counties have set up hotlines and volunteer networks to protect immigrants’ rights.

At the Multicultural Center of Marin, we care deeply about the rights and safety of immigrants in our communities.

We are the lead agency for the Marin Rapid Response Network (MRRN) to safeguard the civil rights of Marin community members targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and will mobilize immediate support for detainees and their families.

The MRRN operates as a 24-hour countywide hotline that local residents can contact when they see or experience an ICE raid. The hotline is staffed by fully bilingual dispatchers who send volunteer observers immediately to verify reported events, collect information, and observe whether any civil rights violations take place. Information collected is used to mobilize immediate help when needed and can also support detainees’ legal cases.


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marinrrn fundraiser 610x485Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign so we can continue our work. With your generous donation, you will directly assist in the functioning of the Marin Rapid Respond Network and continued service to our immigrant community in Marin.


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La Red de Respuesta Inmediata de Marin está compuesta por líderes comunitarios, organizaciones que se interesan por el poder de los inmigrantes, organizaciones comunitarias y líderes religiosos que se han unido para colaborar en la defensa de las comunidades inmigrantes de Marin.
The Marin Rapid Response Network is comprised of community leaders, immigrant empowerment organizations, nonprofits and faith based leaders that have come together to lead a collaborative effort in defense of our immigrant communities in Marin. 

Your participation is key in protecting immigrants and their rights. We encourage you to get involved.  Click here to sign up to be part of the network or to become a Legal Observer or Dispatcher.  For the Legal Observer role you do not need background in the law field; whenever notes/video are captured by the legal observer those can be used in the court of law when the attorney is representing the person caught by ICE, no need to be bilingual for this role.  Dispatchers do need to be bilingual.  The Marin Rapid Response Network provides training to Legal Observers and Dispatchers.  

For more information, call our information number 415-526-2487

We organized and implemented this system to respond to the heightened enforcement actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It is more important than ever that we as a community stay vigilant.

For more information about the network, legal resources or how to get involved please call 415-526-2487, (this is the information line)

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Get ICE alerts and send ICE alerts from your phone. Be part of the solution, be part of the team.

Use Your Camera

Witnessing an ICE Raid? Take pictures or video to document. Send with alerts for verification.

Know Your Rights

Have a "Know Your Rights" card. Never open the door, remain silent, don't sign anything, always have KYR cards handy.